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The benefits of bilingual learning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

13 November 2017

A girl smiling

Research has shown that children are better able to learn when they are taught in the language that they best understand. It also shows that understanding something in your first language helps with second-language learning, as well as overall academic achievement in both languages.

Read more about the benefits of bilingual learning.

We’ve released a new set of ShowMe Images

13 November 2017

ShowMe Images logo

We are excited to announce that our new Life and Social Skills image set is now available. This set has been a long time in the making but we assure you, they are worth the wait!

Read more about the new set.

Humanising healthcare

19 October 2017

Hello My Name Is logo

Starting as a social media campaign, the 'Hello my name is…' campaign has influenced healthcare professionals around the world to introduce themselves to patients as the first step in delivering care.

Read more about the campaign

Dialogue in the Dark – a team-building workshop in total darkness

14 September 2017

The Information Access Group team

Earlier this month, the team at Information Access Group attended a half-day workshop with Dialogue in the Dark. Immersed in total darkness, we were faced with a series of challenges aimed at building our skills as a team and as individuals.

Read more about the workshop

Students’ literacy skills are in decline

14 September 2017

Results from an international assessment of Australian students revealed that the science, reading and mathematics achievement of 15-year-olds is in decline. The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report looked at how well 15-year-old students from around the world used their knowledge and skills in science, reading and maths to meet real-world challenges.

Read more about students' results

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