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House hunting with a disability

7 March 2023

A real estate agent is handing a couple a house key and holding some paperwork. They are all standing inside the house and smiling.

Our Inclusion Advisor, David, recently came up against some barriers when looking for a new home to rent. As a person who is totally blind and uses a screen reader daily, David quickly realised that house hunting can be fun, but it can also be inaccessible to people with disability.

“All Australians deserve a fair and equal chance of finding a rental property to live in.”

Read David's article

The most accessible way to publish information online: a guide to HTML

7 March 2023

A woman is shown from behind typing and looking at a computer screen.

Do you publish information intended for a general audience and want your information to be accessible to everyone? Accessibility best practice is moving away from using Portable Document Formats (PDF) in favour of publishing information straight to a webpage – also known as Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

We explain the usability issues of PDFs, what HTML is and the benefits of using it.

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What are alt tags and how do I use them?

7 February 2023

A man is holding his phone up to his ear and listening to it. He appears to be using a screen reader. The term ‘alt tag’ is often thrown about when referring to accessibility, but what does it actually mean? Our Inclusion Advisor, David, explains what an alt tag is, why we need it and how to write them.

Read David’s article

Summary of the new WCAG 3.0 guidelines

6 December 2022

Have you heard about WCAG 3.0, the latest standard for online accessibility? It’s currently a working draft. We’ve compiled some of the major changes included in this latest draft, which will come into effect in the next 3-5 years.

A man and a woman are looking at a computer together. The woman is pointing at the screen and explaining something. They are in a professional workplace.

Read our overview of what web accessibility requirements will look like in the future

Giving an engaging and accessible presentation

2 December 2022

Last month we shared our tips for planning an engaging presentation. Now that you've prepared your presentation, how do you present it in a way that keeps your audience engaged? And how do you make it accessible to everyone?

A woman is standing in the centre of a room with screens behind her. She is gesturing and talking. There are people sitting at tables around her listening.

Read our top tips

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