We specialise in ground-up website design and development with an accessible approach. This means that we take accessibility into consideration from the very beginning of a website project. All planning, design and development work includes an understanding of best-practice accessibility guidelines. We also take a user-centred approach, keeping the audience in mind at every step.

In choosing to work with us, you can be assured that accessibility will never be treated as an afterthought and that accessibility will be a priority throughout the development process.

Web accessibility audit services

We can also support you with website audits, reviews of website prototypes and remediation of existing websites and/or intranets.

Our website accessibility testing process involves:

  • auditing the website against your level of required compliance, up to WCAG 2.1 Level AAA, using automated and manual testing
  • engaging our blind tester to assess the usability of the site by performing specific user tasks with a keyboard and various screen readers
  • testing the website on a range of commonly used operating systems and mobile devices
  • providing a comprehensive report with suggested fixes
  • retesting your website once the fixes have been made.

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Did you know?

We can help you test your new website with a user testing session. Visit our research page to find out more