One of the best ways to get to know your audience is to talk to them! The best communication materials are created with the people who use them in mind. We recommend testing your documents and HTML with members of the intended audience whenever possible.

Our user testing services can be applied to website design projects or other formats like online videos or email marketing, to make sure that your project is a success.

Focus group testing

Through the focus group we will seek feedback on:

  • language and readability
  • how well the messages are communicated
  • choice of images and icons
  • layout and design.

Document testing

As an alternative to a focus group, we can test your content with 2 of our in-house document testers. Our testers are people with intellectual disability - providing additional reassurance that your content has been reviewed by people in this audience group.

Screen reader testing

Our screen reader testers can test your Easy Read online (HTML) content or the HTML version of your accessible document with screen reader software. While our HTML content meets WCAG 2.2 standards for accessibility, testing with a screen reader user can provide valuable insights into how someone who is blind experiences your content.

This might include feedback on:

  • how easy it is for a blind or vision impaired person to navigate the content
  • usability of the layout
  • clarity of any tables, flowcharts and diagrams.

Please note that we only offer screen reader testing for Easy Read online (HTML) content and HTML versions of accessible documents.