ShowMe Images

ShowMe Images logo

ShowMe Images is a high-quality image set for the creation of engaging visual communication tools. We’ve created beautiful, clear, brightly coloured images that feature a diverse range of adults and children representative of the people in our community.

Ideal for teachers, therapists and parents, these images help connect with children and young adults with special needs, including children with autism spectrum disorder, children with intellectual disability and those who speak English as an additional language.


LetMe logo

LetMe is an easy-to-use website content management system we’ve developed to support web editors with little, or no, experience – especially those who don’t have a strong understanding of HTML and CSS. LetMe enables you to manage and maintain your own website and content – whether it’s small or large, simple or complex.

LetMe is also a powerful tool if you want to extend the functionality or design of your site.

Our clients love LetMe because it:

  • is easy-to-use – even people with little or no web experience can easily make updates
  • has accessibility features to help you build and maintain accessible webpages.

"Easy for Me" Magazine

“Easy for Me" is an easy-to-read magazine for people of all abilities. At the moment, it’s designed to give people ideas for keeping busy and staying connected while they are at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It has recipes, puzzles and activities, and a helpful guide to online apps and programs.