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What is a screen reader and how does it work?

14 September 2018

Unless you work in the disability sector or are a person with vision impairment, you may not be familiar with what a screen reader is and how it works. A screen reader is a software application that helps people with severe visual impairments use a computer. 

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How accessible is social media?

15 August 2018

With so many people using social media and relying on it as a key source of information, it’s important to make sure that everyone can navigate it, including people with a hearing, sight or mobility impairment. We looked at the accessibility of two of the most popular social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter – and include some first-hand experiences from a person with vision impairment. 

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Web design trends challenging accessibility

17 July 2018

Digital accessibility is essential for building an inclusive society. Unfortunately, many organisations and businesses are simply not aware of its importance, or they just don’t know how to go about it. To help get you started, we’ve listed a few of the latest web design trends and their impacts on accessibility.

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Study looks at how people with intellectual disability use social media

19 June 2018

Judith Darragh is a PhD Candidate at Flinders University in Adelaide and has been working on a study looking at how people with intellectual disability use and access social media. Judith recently published the initial results of the study in a journal article Let’s talk about sex: How people with intellectual disability in Australia engage with online social media and intimate relationships.

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How well is Facebook working for your organisation?

11 May 2018

Facebook logoIt’s a necessary tool in today’s marketing and communications landscape, but how well is your organisation’s Facebook account working for you? Many not-for-profits rely on Facebook to connect with existing and potential clients and members, and many people use Facebook to connect with organisations they are interested in.

You may have invested countless hours and dollars into growing your Facebook following, but when you look at statistics from each of your posts, how many are actually connecting with your audience?

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