Sean de Kretser, Managing Director

Sean de KretserSean leads the Information Access Group team. He combines his passion for helping our community with his extensive corporate and leadership experience to ensure our clients are supported to get the best possible outcomes for their editorial, design, print, web and accessibility projects. Sean has experience in design, communication, project and team management. His focus is on providing our team and clients with an exceptional and supportive work environment.

“Making information accessible to such a broad spectrum of user groups is truly rewarding. It’s one of the reasons why it’s easy to get out of bed in the morning and come to work with this amazingly talented and creative group of people. I am grateful for the opportunity to see, first-hand, the positive effect our accessibility work has.”

Lyndall Thomas, Founder

Lyndall Thomas established the Information Access Group in 2009. In 2021, after 12 years at the helm, she passed the baton of leadership for the business to Sean de Kretser. Lyndall continues to exercise her passion for clear and accessible communication in a part-time, consultancy role. Lyndall uses her 20 years of experience in communication - from writing, editing, journalism and publishing to marketing, design and website development - to make sure our clients receive the best advice possible.

“I believe that information should be accessible to the widest possible audience, including people with disability, culturally and linguistically diverse communities and those with low levels of literacy. That’s why we started the Information Access Group.”

Larry Hudson, Team Leader – Innovation, Tech and Web

Larry HudsonLarry leads a team of developers and editors with a focus on online accessibility. He is passionate about finding innovative new ways to make information more accessible for the target audience. Larry builds accessible websites and manages online accessibility projects for our clients. He always strives to follow best practices in web development and document publishing. Larry has a professional certificate in Web Accessibility from the University of South Australia.

“Making communications more accessible is a really rewarding experience because it benefits everyone.”

Kellie Preston, Team Leader – Major Accounts Manager

Kellie PrestonKellie manages design, print and web projects for our clients from conception through to completion. Kellie is an experienced project and operations manager with a background in design and print. She leads a team of designers and editors and works closely with some of our key clients. She has a strong focus on community and encouraging others to demonstrate compassion and empathy.

"Being part of a team that focuses on such positive support by connecting people in the wider community is amazing."

Stephen Preston, Team Leader – Major Accounts Manager

Stephen PrestonStephen plays an integral role in managing our key client’s accounts and overseeing projects from concept to completion in design, print, web and accessibility. Stephen leads a team of editors and designers and is an experienced account manager focused on delivering high-quality customer service. Stephen has an ongoing commitment to learning, communication, and working collaboratively with clients to achieve the best outcomes.

"Community is our social fabric of life. Making communications more accessible to everyone is very rewarding. I feel privileged to be part of a team whose goal is to create a more inclusive society."

Belinda Cowie, Marketing Manager

Belinda CowieBelinda makes sure we are reaching our clients with the information they need about our services and how we can support them. She helps us to engage effectively with new and existing clients. Belinda is a marketing and communications professional with experience in corporate, not-for-profit and local government organisations. Most recently, she was the CEO of the I Matter Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that connected people through self-protection programs.

“Accessible information benefits the whole community. When we share information in a clear and respectful way, more people can understand the message. That means more people can contribute their skills, knowledge and experiences. When this happens, everybody wins.”

Fiona Chen, Assistant Team Leader – Design Quality

Fiona ChenFiona is a talented graphic designer and web developer with experience managing design, print, digital, web and accessibility projects. Leading a team of designers and editors, Fiona makes sure we complete the image development and design of our key client projects to a high standard. She graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Business, Marketing Major in 2020 and a Bachelor of Communication Design in 2018.

“I find it rewarding that people benefit from the work we do, as accessible information can make people’s lives much easier. It’s an empowering tool.”

Merryon Ryall, Editorial Quality Manager

Merryon RyallMerryon writes, edits and proofreads our clients’ content to ensure it is targeted, clear and concise. She is a plain language expert and has over 15 years’ experience in creating engaging and plain language content for online and print publications for varied audiences. Merryon’s experience working in government as a writer and editor means that she has insight into our government clients’ processes and procedures.

“I’m passionate about writing clear and engaging content that is targeted to the needs of the audience.”

Cassandra Bulman, Editorial Quality Manager

Cassandra BulmanCassandra writes and edits plain language and Easy Read content for clients and manages editorial projects. Cassandra graduated from RMIT University with a Master of Writing and Publishing in 2020. Her studies have given her experience working on many types of projects and writing styles. Cassandra has a passion for writing and editing and brings her strict attention to detail to all that she does.

"Ensuring everyone is able to access information is so important. The work we do here is helping to establish a culture of accessibility, and hopefully one day everyone will provide accessible information."

Jennifer Butler, Editor and Project Manager

Jennifer ButlerJen is a highly experienced editor and project manager who manages editorial projects for our clients focusing particularly on work with Royal Commissions. Jen worked for more than eight years within the Higher Education division of Oxford University Press (OUP), Australia and New Zealand. She is an accomplished lead editor with a background in technical and non-fiction text and she has project edited more than 70 books.

“Making complex ideas accessible has long been a passion of mine. I'm delighted to be working with a team that shares this passion and has such deep knowledge of how to communicate with diverse audiences.”

David Murray, Editorial Assistant

David MurrayDavid is an accomplished writer and editor who supports our clients and editorial team with Easy Read projects. David joined the Information Access Group while completing a Master of Writing and Publishing from RMIT University in 2022. His studies and previous experience have given him a broad understanding of different writing and editing styles, formats and projects. David is passionate about editing and writing content that is accessible for everyone.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to do good in the community through my work.”

Fraser Bignell, Graphic Designer and Project Manager

Fraser BignellFraser is an experienced graphic designer, brand strategist and project manager. As well as working on design and illustration for our clients, he also leads and manages design projects. Fraser’s experience includes design and marketing roles within fintech, hospitality and humanitarian aid. He has developed campaign content and iconography, coordinated photoshoots and product releases, and managed extensive point-of-sale suites.

“Connecting people with the information they need – in a way that works for them – is an inspiring mission to be a part of.”

Liam Grant, Graphic Designer

Liam GrantLiam is a skilled graphic designer who works on creating engaging designs and illustrations for our clients. Liam recently joined the Information Access Group. He graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Design in 2019 and his studies and experience have given him a good grounding in design elements, techniques and technology. Liam has experience designing and illustrating promotional materials, web, print and digital publications.

“Information communicated in an accessible way gives people the freedom to live more independently. I feel privileged to be able to play a small role in helping to empower people in this way.”

Annabel Isom, Graphic Designer

Annabel IsomAnnabel works on a range of graphic design, accessibility and web development projects for our clients. Annabel is an accomplished designer and illustrator with a background in visual arts and education. They also create custom illustrations, icons and Easy Read images for our clients. Annabel graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Design in 2022.

“Equal access to information is a basic right for everyone. We’re helping create means of access that is fair for everyone in our diverse community. I am grateful to be a part of this.”

Shannon Loh, Web Developer and Graphic Designer

Shannon LohShannon supports the Information Access Group team with web development, graphic design and accessibility projects. Shannon is a communication designer who graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Design and IT in 2021. She uses her print and digital design experience to create accessible websites, illustrations and design elements for our clients.

“Accessibility helps us understand and appreciate the various opinions, perspectives, and values within our community. I am grateful to be a part of an organisation that genuinely cares about other people.”

Renee de Vlugt, Graphic Designer

Renee de VlugtRenee is an innovative graphic and user experience designer. She works on designs and creative work for our clients in Easy Read, branding and web development. Renee has a background in Media and Communications and completed her Bachelor of Communication Design at Monash University in 2021. She is passionate about designing products that communicate clearly and are accessible for the whole community.

"I'm incredibly glad to work with a team that cares deeply about accessibility. By making communications accessible we can help support people to be independent and included in the community."

David Saxberg, Inclusion Advisor

David SaxbergDavid is a communications professional with a range of experience working in government, business and radio. He helps us to build new relationships with government departments, local councils and the disability and community sectors, to give them a better understanding of what we do and the importance of accessibility. As a screen reader user, David has extensive experience testing websites and online information for accessibility and usability.

"As a screen reader user, I often find websites difficult to use. I enjoy working with the Information Access Group to help identify problems and suggest fixes so that everyone can have a better experience online. And, until I started working here, I never understood how difficult it is to create an Easy Read version of a document. Easy Read documents are so much clearer and easier to understand. It’s definitely worth the effort."