You can visit the OECD website for the full global results and analysis of the PIAAC study.

The OECD summary titled Skilled for Life? Key Findings from the Survey of Adult Skills offers a good, succinct read to understand the global picture. It is particularly relevant for policy makers.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics website has a full analysis of the Australian PIAAC results.

The Insight episode, ‘The hidden costs of low literacy in Australia’, covers many key issues and the impacts of low literacy in Australia. You can read more about it and watch the full episode through the SBS website.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Literacy

A documentary about a group of Aboriginal students from Brewarrina in NSW going through the Literacy for Life’s course was also screened on SBS in July 2017. You can watch it on SBS On Demand.

Youth literacy

Find out more about literacy, training and employability of youth in Australia and other OECD countries on the OECD website.