What do you think? platform

Association for Children with Disability are an organisation that support children with disability and their families across Victoria. Traditionally surveys about children with disability are filled out by parents, but ACD wanted to make a survey that would empower children to have their say directly.

To help ACD achieve this goal, we designed and developed the ‘What Do You Think?’ platform.

Our graphic designers Annie Isom, Renee de Vlugt and Shannon Loh designed the survey from scratch, coming up with a distinct visual style that is playful, friendly and easy to understand. The visual style incorporated accessibility from the start, with high colour contrast and a spacious design with big buttons that are easy to press.

Shannon Loh built the survey using accessible HTML, CSS and JavaScript. While building the site, she tested it across many screen sizes from mobile to desktop, to make sure that the design was responsive.

The survey allows children to:

  • pick a character, which then asks them questions about playgrounds
  • listen to the question aloud, and also view an Auslan video of the question, for kids who use sign language
  • answer the question in multiple ways, by writing in a text response, recording audio of their voice, and uploading a photo. A child can answer the same question in multiple ways, giving them more freedom to express themselves.
  • When the child has submitted their answers, they are given a ‘thank you’ certificate.

As a part of the project, the survey was tested with families from ACD’s target audience, and we also conducted accessibility testing with our former Inclusion Advisor David Saxberg. We made sure the user experience was accessible for people who use assistive technology.

You can view the ‘What Do You Think?’ platform here: https://whatdoyouthink.acd.org.au/

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