Participant Safeguarding Policy and Implementation Plan

We worked with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to produce Easy Read documents regarding their new Participant Safeguarding Policy. This policy explains how the NDIA will support their participants to develop safeguards in their own lives, as well as how to use safeguarding processes that exist in the community. It aims to proactively manage risk by preparing participants before they need support.

We converted documents from the NDIA to create three Easy Read summaries:

  • Participant Safeguarding Policy summary
  • Implementation Plan: Actions we will take to make our policy work
  • How we used co-design.

These documents explain the policy, how the NDIA will put the policy in place, and share the story of how the community contributed to its development. Providing this information in Easy Read makes information about both the policy and the process accessible to the widest possible audience.

We worked quickly to prepare the summary and implementation plan for publication alongside the policy. We worked closely with the NDIA to ensure the co-design story highlighted the key contributions from the community and explained how the NDIA put them to use.

You can find the Easy Read participant safeguarding documents on the NDIS website.

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