Australian Energy Regulator - Energy Made Easy website

We worked with the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) to write and edit plain language content for the updated Energy Made Easy website.

The website allows households and small businesses to navigate the complex gas and electricity markets. People can compare different energy companies and find the plan that works best for them using the comparison tool.

The site also gives people information about different topics such as understanding your bills.

We worked closely with a team of web designers to review each page of the tool. Our aim was to make sure the information was user friendly and easy to understand. We wrote and edited a range of content into plain language. This included snippets of text as well as tips and explanations to help guide people through the site.

The everyday language and added usability helps make the website accessible to a wider audience and helps people take control of their bills.

To try out the comparison tool, you can visit the Energy Made Easy website.

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