Women With Disabilities Australia - Neve website

We feel privileged to have worked with Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) to create an Easy Read version of their website, which they call Neve. WWDA are an advocacy organisation that aims to support and improve
the rights of women, girls, feminine-identifying and non-binary people
with disability.

The Neve website explores over 70 topics, with a focus on violence prevention, safety, healthy relationships and wellbeing. This included deeply sensitive issues like gender and sexuality and how to recognise violence or abuse in
a relationship.

This was a massive project covering more than 100 pages of content, so it was vital that we maintained consistency in our language across the suite. This involved extensive internal communications, proofreading and cross-referencing, including the creation of a style guide made solely for this project. We also implemented additional design features such as tooltips for definitions of complex terms to give users more control over their individual reading experience.

Our studio team undertook the image design with trauma-sensitivity as a core principle. We were also passionate about making sure women and gender diverse people with disability were able to see themselves represented in the imagery we used. Working closely with WWDA, we developed a bespoke style of imagery that complimented the vision for the final website product.

WWDA prioritised co-design and accessibility, so the website is available in Easy Read, plain English, text-to-speech, large text and some languages.

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