Easy Read Annual Report for Inclusive SA

March 2021

Recently, the South Australian Government published its Inclusive SA Annual Report 2019–2020. This report explains what the South Australian Government has achieved, and what it will do over the next three years to make South Australia a more inclusive and accessible state for everyone.

By the end of 2020, there were 94 Disability Action and Inclusion Plans (DAIPS) published online by various government organisations within the state. And in 2020, the South Australian Government reached four of its goals to make South Australia more accessible and inclusive. These goals were making:

  • the Inclusive Play guidelines to make playgrounds more accessible and inclusive
  • the Inclusive SA website, so South Australians can get information about disability
  • two major court buildings more accessible for people with disability
  • the Disability Employment Strategy and Disability Employment Plan.

We worked with the South Australian Department of Human Services to create an Easy Read version of the annual report.

You can check out the Easy Read annual report from Inclusive SA here.

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