Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Commission Annual Report 2022–23

We edited, proofread and indexed the Annual Report 2022–23 for Australia’s Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Commission (the Commission).

The Commission aims to promote and support the objectives of the National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 2022–2032 and to hold governments accountable. The report describes the Commission’s operations and performance during 2022–23.

This project required us to:

  • review templates for uniformity and consistency of headings, styles, and section and page breaks
  • develop a comprehensive table of contents and subject index
  • review content for language consistency, including spelling, vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, syntax, capitalisation and hyphenation
  • eliminate and correct errors
  • check structure, graphics, tables and cross referencing for accuracy and consistency.

We needed to work to tight deadlines with the Annual Report Project Manager to make sure the Commission's first annual report met the highest quality standards.

You can find the annual report on the Parliament of Australia website.


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