City of Newcastle - Community Engagement Strategy

We worked with the City of Newcastle to produce a range of accessible versions of their Community Engagement Strategy. The strategy explains how City of Newcastle will work with the community to improve their plans, policies, programs, activities and services.


The strategy was aided by community consultation via an online survey and a community workshop. The feedback from the City of Newcastle community informed the 5 principles outlined in the strategy.


We produced the following versions of City of Newcastle's Community Engagement Strategy:


  • Accessible PDF of original strategy
  • HTML version of original strategy
  • Easy Read version
  • Easy Read HTML version


Part of the feedback City of Newcastle received from their community was the need to make their information accessible to everyone. City of Newcastle took this feedback seriously throughout the project and remain committed to accessibility and the betterment of their community.


You can find the Community Engagement Strategy documents on the City of Newcastle website.

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