Association for Children with a Disability website redesign

We worked with the Association for Children with a Disability (ACD) to redesign their website. The ACD website helps parents to navigate the journey of raising a child with disability or developmental delay by providing free resources and sharing a newsletter. 
The goal of the redesign was to make these resources easier to find and access and increase readership. We’re proud to have worked on this project because of the positive impact it will have in the disability sector.

We changed the layout of the homepage to make it easier for users to get to the information they need. We also created a landing page for the ACD NoticeBoard newsletter. It has family testimonials and a subscription form, so users can learn about the newsletter before they subscribe. It’s also easier to navigate to, or link to, the page.

We also added a new 'Blog' section to the website that helps ACD share topical information throughout the year. While topical posts were previously only published on social media networks such as Facebook, ACD now has a central place for sharing posts related to books and TV, inclusive fun, news, playgrounds and real stories.

To further help users navigate the information on the site, we added related links to other articles at the bottom of resource pages. This way users can get the most out of the resources on the page without having to spend time searching. 

Check out the latest version of the ACD website.


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