For the first time, Mission Australia has analysed the data from their annual Youth Survey with a focus on young people with disability and how their experiences are different to young people without disability. Their ‘Young, willing and able’ report looks at the situations, aspirations, concerns, barriers and wellbeing of young people with disability in Australia.

While the survey showed some positive things about education and the goals and aspirations of young people with disability, it also showed some worrying statistics:

icons showing 46%, 1 in 4 people and twice as likely

- Nearly half of all young people with disability surveyed had experienced mental health problems, compared with 30 per cent for young people without disability.

- One in four young people with disability were concerned about suicide, compared with 13.5 per cent of young people without disability.

- Young people with disability are twice as likely as people without disability to have been bullied in the past year.


You can read the full Young, willing and able: Youth Survey Disability Report 2019 on the Mission Australia website.