Each member of our team is passionate about the role we play in making a positive impact in the community. Learn more about the people behind the passion and what makes them proud to be part of the work we do.

Introducing Lucky

Hi, my name is Lucky and I’m a document tester at the Information Access Group. One of my biggest achievements was completing my VCE in year 12 and being able to get a job with help from The Bridge Inc. The Bridge Inc is a social purpose organisation, providing a range of services and support to people with disability as well as young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

I’d like to be able to travel on my own to increase my independence and go to New York or on the ferry to Tasmania. I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and also use YouTube a lot to listen to music. Sometimes I like to read books – in primary school my favourite author was Roald Dahl. My mum, who came here as an Australian Citizen from the Philippines, is my role model.

How important is it that everyone can access employment opportunities?

Everyone, no matter big or small, or how you look, no matter what skills you have – everyone has the right to work because everyone is important in different ways. It should be a compulsory requirement to include everyone and assist each other.

Employers should have the right to hire people who don’t think they have the opportunity to go into the working world. People with disabilities don’t think they’re good enough to showcase or have skills for a specific job role such as customer service, communication, teamwork or completing a certificate or short course.

We should be proud of ourselves. We can learn through our mistakes. We can learn skills to be applied to any job we do.

Why do you think Easy Read documents are important?

Accessibility is important to me because information should be available for everyone. Easy Read is good for people who have difficulty reading and need help to understand the content. It’s good for people who are vision impaired and can’t read small text. It should be accessible in local areas such as council buildings and local libraries.

How can we make our community more inclusive?

I think our community could be more inclusive if there was more interaction between people with and without disability. I want people to know that everyone with disability is welcome. We are all equal, we are all diverse. There is no way we can be ignored. Our community could be more inclusive if we stick together – like a multicultural family. Everyone is welcome in our country with respect and acceptance to one another.

About our document testers

Lucky and our other in-house document testers can provide thoughtful and considered feedback for your Easy Read content. This is an ideal option for clients whose timeframe doesn’t allow for a full focus group session, but who still want valuable insight from one of the core intended audiences for Easy Read content.