Easy for Me cover and download buttonThere are many people with disability who are isolated at home right now. The reality is, that many people with disability are isolated a lot of the time anyway. This new magazine is made for them.

For many years, we have dreamed of making an easy-to-read magazine. This pandemic gave us the motivation to turn that vision into reality.

This magazine is needed now more than ever. 

Please take a look at this new way of presenting Easy Read content. Yes, it’s different. And yes, we’re excited. We know that heaps of the people we meet in focus groups love flicking through, reading and looking at the pictures in glossy magazines like New Idea and TV Week.

"Easy for Me" is designed to give people ideas for keeping busy and staying connected while they stay at home. It has recipes, puzzles and activities, and a helpful guide to online apps and programs. While it isn't presented in a traditional Easy Read format, it is written at a Grade 4 reading level. It has also been tested with a group of people with varying literacy levels in an Australian Disability Enterprise.

When asked ‘Would you like to share this magazine with family and friends?’ one of the testing participants said: “No, I want to keep it to myself.” We hope everyone enjoys it that much 😊

Please share the magazine with your colleagues, your clients, your friends and your family. We hope people love it and find it helpful during these challenging times.

Please let us know what you think. We feel like this new way of presenting Easy Read content has heaps of potential and we’d love your feedback. And don’t worry, we’re already planning the next edition!

"Easy for Me" – Issue 01 – April 2020 (PDF)

"Easy for Me" – Issue 01 – April 2020 (Word text version)

Contact us with any queries via hello@informationaccessgroup.com


Easy for Me issue 2 cover