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Easy Read/Easy English

SCAMwatch campaign guideThe Information Access Group specialises in producing Easy English materials. Easy English presents information in a way that is very easy to understand. There are a set of guidelines for its use, including the use of images to support text, using a large font size and allowing plenty of white space. Easy English is currently used extensively for audiences with a disability. However, it is also becoming more widely used for audiences with low literacy levels or where English is a second language.

Plain language

The Information Access Group are experienced plain language practitioners. We transform complex text into information that is easy to read. Our approach includes:

  • Aiming for levels of readability suitable to the audience.
  • Providing readability assessments for our clients to ensure that the language level is on target.
  • Breaking text up into smaller chunks that are easier to read.
  • Using simple language where appropriate and favouring shorter sentences.

Graphic design

The Bridge marketing flyerWe provide a full range of graphic design services, including:

  • documents
  • brochures
  • booklets
  • newsletters
  • reports
  • stationery
  • business cards
  • logo design and development.

We see each product through from concept to print-ready and can oversee the printing process if required.

We also produce illustrations according to individual requirements.

Our accessibility experts can also ensure that your document is accessible to the widest possible audience.

We tag PDFs to ensure they are accessible for use online. We can also produce ePub formats – read more about this new service here.

Web design and development, including website accessibility

T4321 and Step Up for Down syndrome websitesWe offer a full range of services in website design and development, content management and website accessibility. We are experienced web designers and developers. We plan and design websites so that they suit the needs of the people who are going to use them. 

Much of the work that the Information Access Group does in the web design and development sphere involves designing and building accessible websites from the ground up. This offers great advantage to our clients who know that, because we prioritise accessibility from the outset, meeting the requirements is easier to achieve.

We also offer a range of services in website accessibility that help you to comply with WCAG 2.0 AA. These services include:

  • Accessibility audits — testing your website and reporting on areas to be addressed
  • Accessibility updates — fixing your website to make it comply with current accessibility standards (primarily WCAG 2.0 AA)
  • Monitoring and maintenance — regular testing to ensure your website stays compliant
  • Conversion of documents to HTML or alternative formats
  • Accessible documents, including tagged Word documents and PDFs.

Our website accessibility testing method includes a combination of automated testing, colour analysis and manual checking, with user testing as required.

Learn more about website accessibility.


When we build a website, we use LetMe. This is our own accessible content management system that allows you to build and maintain accessible pages. 

Learn more about how we make websites accessible

Learn more about LetMe


We help organisations to understand their markets or their audience. We conduct focus groups, surveys and consultations. We believe that community-based testing is a useful tool in developing accessible materials. We organise, recruit for and facilitate focus group testing.


We regularly visit organisations to deliver tailored information sessions and workshops about accessible communications. This includes what they are, why they are important, when to use them and how to use them. We offer training to individuals and organisations in a range of flexible formats. Contact us to talk about accessible communications training to suit your needs.

Branding, marketing and communications

Marketing Strategy for The Bridge

We ensure that organisations are well-positioned in the marketplace. Our marketing and communications services are particularly useful for organisations in the disability, community, aged-care and not-for-profit sectors, where change is constant and competition is increasing. We develop strong, cost-effective strategies to help you stay competitive. Our techniques can help you attract, engage and retain clients.

Want to know more about our branding, marketing and communications services? 

Check out this presentation on Slideshare - From surviving to thriving: The 8 steps to marketing your not for profit in an increasingly competitive environment

Read this article for more advice on branding your disability or community organisation

ShowMe Images

ShowMe Images logo

We are proud to let you know that we have developed a brand new product: ShowMe Images. This is a high quality image set for the creation of engaging visual communication tools. We have worked hard to create high quality, beautiful images that feature a diverse range of adults and children, representative of the people in our community.

Visit for more information.