Fairfield City Council's Easy Read DIAP

December 2022

We worked with Fairfield City Council in NSW to create an Easy Read summary of their Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2022-2026 (DIAP). It is is available in two formats, a PDF document and a HTML webpage. Providing multiple formats allows people to access information in the way that works best for them.


This DIAP is a way for the Council to show that they are committed to making lives better for people with disability by improving access to services, facilities, and jobs. The summary explains why accessibility is important, and their vision of an accessible community. It also gives examples of what Fairfield City Council will do to make these goals a reality.


The original plan was created as a result of the Disability Inclusion Act 2014, which requires councils to have a DIAP. People with disability, their families, and their carers contributed to the document. The Easy Read version will help people with disability to better understand their rights and know what the Council is working on to make the community more accessible.


You can read the Easy Read version of the DIAP on the Fairfield City Council website.

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