ShowMe Images logoSince releasing our first set of ShowMe Images early last year, we have received an overwhelmingly positive response. Now, we’re excited to announce a new Life and Social Skills image set has been added to the mix. ShowMe Images is a high-quality image set for creating engaging visual communication materials. The clear, brightly coloured images feature a range of adults and children that represent the people in our diverse, Australian community.

The images can help you connect and communicate with children, and are ideal for teachers, therapists and parents. They are also particularly useful for communicating with children and young people who have special needs, including kids who have autism, intellectual disability, or whose first language isn’t English.

We designed ShowMe Images because we believe that good design matters and we wanted to help people to easily create more engaging content and improve their communication.

The Life and Social Skills image set

The new Life and Social Skills image set includes more than 500 images of children, adults and objects in day-to-day situations. You can use them to communicate about everyday activities and help you show what positive behaviours look like.

You can use this set to help you to:

  • encourage positive behaviour
  • explain transitions from one activity to another
  • help kids get ready for their day
  • help kids understand their emotions and behaviours
  • to create visual schedules for daily routines.

What’s included?

Examples of images from the Life and Social Skills set

The new images include:

  • social skills like apologising, joining in and being friends
  • health and hygiene, including items like an EpiPen and head lice shampoo
  • people, including parents, teachers, cultural icons and a range of professions
  • feelings with 14 different characters showing a range of emotions
  • clothing
  • toileting.

The image set also contains free templates to get you started.

We have found that children really respond to seeing images of kids like them. It helps them to engage and connect with the message you want them to understand.

You can find out more about ShowMe Images, how to order, and see some more samples from the Life and Social Skills image set on the ShowMe Images website.