We are passionate about helping organisations make their information accessible to the widest possible audience. This includes people with disability, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, older people and those with low levels of literacy. As part of this we regularly run training workshops in creating Easy Read, plain language and accessible documents.

Our training is useful for anyone who writes and prepares content for the general public, internal and external audiences with disability and for use online. We have run training for organisations who work in the disability sector and culturally and linguistically diverse communities, not-for-profits and government departments around Australia.

In May, we had a terrific time delivering three training workshops in Easy Read, plain language and accessible documents for the Department of Communities, Disability Services in Western Australia. Running these workshops together was a great way to work the participants through each stage of creating accessible material – from writing and planning through to producing final accessible products ready to be delivered to users.

Our training workshops in May

Melbourne workshops

We are excited to announce that we will be running a series of workshops in Melbourne at the end of August. You can choose to attend any one of the workshops or all three.

The workshop session times are:

If you can’t get to one of these workshops you can always book us to come to your organisation and run training for you in your own space and with your own content.

Types of training we offer

Easy Read

Easy Read documentOur Easy Read training teaches you the what, why and how of creating accessible content. During the workshop you’ll get an understanding of why accessible content is so important and go through the steps to creating an Easy Read document.

Easy Read is information presented in a way that is very easy to understand. It uses images to support text, large font sizes and plenty of white space. Easy Read is currently used extensively for audiences with disability, however, it is also becoming more widely used for audiences with low literacy levels, in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities or where English is an additional language.

Easy Read content can be used on any type of publication, from a marketing booklet, to a website, to an extensive report.

Plain language documentPlain language

Our plain language training helps you to cut through the gobbledegook and give your readers clear, concise and direct information. During the workshop you’ll find out why overly complex and jargon filled content is almost never necessary or acceptable to your readers, and the steps to create and edit information into plain language.

Accessible documents

Accessible documentsOur accessible document training takes you through the process of developing accessible Word and PDF files. During this hands-on workshop you will work through the elements of creating an accessible Word document, converting that Word document into an accessible PDF, and making an existing PDF accessible.

If you’re interested in booking some training with us or want to talk to us about your options, please give us a call on (03) 9585 2299 or email us at info@informationaccessgroup.com.