It can come as a surprise to many people when they find out the number of adults in Australia who struggle with low literacy. According to the OECD’s Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIACC) survey, 40 per cent of Australian adults have low literacy.

There have been a lot of discussions recently about how to better understand the issues around adult literacy and the best ways to address them. The House Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training was seeking submissions from the public for its current inquiry into adult literacy. Submission to the House Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training

We felt it was important to contribute to this conversation and sent our own submission. We believe that it is vital for everyone in our community to have access to information about issues that impact them. Importantly, this information must be in a format that suits their needs. We highlighted the benefits of accessible communication by presenting our submission in standard, plain language and Easy Read versions. These formats communicate the same information in year 10, year 7 and year 4 reading levels.

Our submission has been authorised for publication and you can now read it in any or all versions.

You can read our standard submission here (PDF).
You can read our plain language submission here (PDF).
You can read our Easy Read submission here (PDF)

You can find out more about the inquiry and read the other submissions on the Parliament of Australia website