Cover and internal pages of the Easy Read Guide and Easy Read Summary of the Interim Report

The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability (the Royal Commission) recently published its Interim Report. This report explains in great depth the key issues and emerging themes identified through the Royal Commission’s work and the future directions the Royal Commission will take to help people with disability feel safe and included in society.

Due to the Interim Report’s extensive length, the Royal Commission created a summary of the report’s content, including the key issues people with disability faced. 

The Information Access Group have had the honour of preparing two Easy Read documents to support the publication of the Interim Report:

The Easy Read Summary

The Easy Read Summary of the Interim Report, What have we heard so far?, highlights the key components and issues of the Interim Report. It’s a practical and useful document that can provide people an in-depth understanding of the barriers and issues people with disability face on a regular basis.

Some of the issues the Royal Commission discussed in the Interim Report and summary include:

  • having choice and control
  • attitudes toward people with disability
  • community inclusion
  • restrictive practices
  • supports and services
  • making complaints
  • advocacy.

The summary then puts these issues into the context of where these problems can happen, such as the health care system, education facilities, or a person’s home.

The Easy Read Guide

The Easy Read Guide of the Interim Report details, part-by-part, what is featured and discussed throughout the report. It is a useful accompanying document to the Interim Report, as it helps people get a prior understanding of the Interim Report’s structure and what topics are discussed within each chapter.

The Easy Read guide and summary are available on the Royal Commission’s website.