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Meet the team

Lyndall Thomas, Director

Lyndall Thomas


Lyndall Thomas leads the team and shares her passion for clear and accessible communication, which resulted in her establishing the Information Access Group in 2009. Lyndall uses her 15 years of experience in communication – from writing, editing, journalism and publishing to marketing, design and website development – to ensure that our clients receive the best advice and that all aspects of the business meet the organisations high standards and each client’s needs. Lyndall manages high-level projects and the direction and standards of the organisation.

Anthony Briggs, Technical Director

Anthony Briggs


Anthony Briggs makes sure our clients achieve their business goals online. Anthony’s IT, programming and development experience means he has the skills and knowledge to help clients create online and mobile environments that are accessible, functional and easy to use. Anthony has expert skills in Python, PHP, Javascript and JQuery and is trained in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance.

Sean de Kretser - Account Manager

Sean de Kretser

Account Manager

Sean is the main point of contact for our new clients and plays an important role in the day-to-day running of our office. He worked in the National Brand Management team at KPMG for over 10 years before moving into an account management role with a boutique design agency. Sean uses his extensive corporate, freelance and leadership experience to manage our clients’ projects from conception to completion. His passion for helping our community ensures our clients are supported to get the best possible outcomes for their editorial, design, print, web and accessibility projects.

Jon McDonald - Editorial Manager

Jon McDonald

Editorial Manager

Jon is a journalist with more than 25 years’ experience working on newspapers, magazines and websites in Australia and abroad. He has worked as an editor, sub-editor, columnist and feature writer for more than a dozen publications. Most recently he was a Digital News Editor at The Age newspaper in Melbourne. He was instrumental in the implementation of Fairfax Media’s move toward digital-first publishing. Jon spent a decade working in Thailand and Singapore on a variety of newspapers and magazines before returning to Australia in 2000. His time in South East Asia has given him a unique understanding of writing and editing for audiences who use English as a second language.

Melanie Page, Managing Editor

Melanie Page

Managing Editor

Melanie Page produces, edits and formats content and provides communication and marketing support to the organisation and our clients. Melanie has experience writing and reviewing engaging and audience specific online and social media content, for the government and community sectors. Melanie’s experience in government communication roles gives her a good understanding of the environment our government clients work in.

Ian Thomas, Senior content producer and project lead

Ian Thomas

Managing Editor

Ian Thomas leads projects in editorial, design, web, marketing, communications and accessibility. Ian produces, edits and formats content using his considerable writing and design skills and coordinates projects to make sure our client’s needs and deadlines are met. Ian’s 10 year background in education gives him valuable knowledge of learning methodologies and techniques that he can apply to our clients’ projects.

Kristen Nagle, Content producer and graphic designer

Kristen Nagle

Content Producer and Graphic Designer

Kristen Nagle designs and produces content for our clients in digital, print and online media. Kristen uses her comprehensive design and production skills to develop accessible documents and websites, Easy English conversions and manage content. Kristen’s studies and experience in information design and digital media mean she has the knowledge and skills to help our clients produce accessible and effective digital resources.

Amita Joshi, Graphic and website designer

Amita Joshi

Graphic and Website Designer

Amita Joshi creates simple, attractive websites that meet the needs of our clients and their audiences. Amita is a skilled interface designer with experience designing for websites, intranets and e-learning environments. Amita also works on Easy English graphics, website content management and social media updates for our clients.

Merryon Ryall, Writer and editor

Merryon Ryall

Writer and Editor

Merryon Ryall writes, edits and proofreads our clients’ content to ensure it is engaging, targeted, clear and concise. Merryon has over 10 years experience in creating engaging and plain language content for online and print publications and for varied audiences and formats. Merryon’s experience working in government as a writer and editor means that she has insight into our government clients’ processes and procedures.

Lucy Stahmer – Project Coordinator

Lucy Stahmer

Senior Graphic Designer

Lucy Stahmer works across a range of projects in the accessibility space. She manages and creates content, liaises with clients and oversees quality. She has excellent technical skills and employs strict attention to detail. Lucy has a strong design background, and she works on a range of layout styles and formats including Easy Read, reports and brochures. She is also an adept proofreader with editorial skills.

Larry - Editorial, Web and Marketing Assistant

Larry Hudson

Editorial, Web and Marketing Assistant

Larry Hudson joined the Information Access Group after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2016. His study of linguistics sparked an interest in the social purposes of language – how it can be used to divide people but also to bring them together. He has a natural aptitude for technology, teaching himself a number of programming languages, website creation and app development. Working at the Information Access Group allows him to combine these passions – making information and communication more accessible on the language side and making websites more accessible on the technical side. Doing both of these things includes people that have traditionally been forgotten in both the language we use and the technology.

Michelle Huynh

Web Designer and Developer

Michelle Huynh designs the best possible website solutions for our clients by focussing on enhancing the usability and visual appeal of their sites. Michelle’s strong technical skills and graphic design background mean she can easily communicate her creativity into attractive, engaging and user-friendly web layouts. Michelle’s studies in multimedia, combined with her experience in IT, ensure clients’ sites are effective and make the most of up-to-date functionality.