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Down Syndrome Australia case study

Client:    Down Syndrome Australia

Project:  Integrated Brand development and communications strategy


OverviewScreenshot of DSA website

Down Syndrome Australia (DSA) is a national association, made up of eight State and Territory associations providing support, information and resources to people with Down syndrome and their families. The associations have come together to represent and progress the needs, interests and aspirations of people with Down syndrome and those that support them. DSA receives very little government funding so operates on limited resources.


Pain Points

Without any clear branding or communication strategy, the organisation had little recognition in the sector or broader community despite having established the national organisation and operated for 18 months.  Previous attempts at branding resulted in clichéd solutions which failed to reflect the organisation effectively. Without a strong brand, key funding opportunities were not being maximised and opportunities for engagement with the community (particularly through online channels and social media) were missed.



The new brand was established with a professional, corporate yet friendly and accessible identity that engages at all levels from new parents who have just received a diagnosis of Down syndrome in their new baby to funding bodies and philanthropic organisations who support DSA.



“We could not recommend the Information Access Group highly enough, whether your communications budget is big or small."

Catherine McAlpine

CEO, Down Syndrome Australia

Key to the success of this branding story was creating the core identity and ensuring strong buy-in from key stakeholders.  The DSA brand needed a high degree of flexibility to apply to a range of formats and, over time, the development of a range of sub-brands flowed easily to create a brand family that includes two fundraising initiatives:

T4321 (‘Tea for trisomy 21’), an event held in the month of March to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

T4321 logo


StepUP! for Down syndrome, an event held in October to raise funds and awareness of Down syndrome in the community.

Step Up! logo


The events required a range of collateral designed to engage families, schools, corporate and community organisations to hold events to raise money for DSA. 

The campaigns included artwork for posters, postcards, web content and websites on the Everyday Hero fundraising platform. 

Importantly, all brands support each other and all collateral fits within a strong suite that builds general brand awareness and supports the goals of the communication strategy and the long-term organisational strategic plan.



Increased funding and recognition of the success of the application of the brand from funding partners, including government, led to developing new publications under the new brand which have been very well received in the sector.

A massive increase in media uptake, social media engagement and website visitors increased by a dramatic 1000%.

Their direct media contact list increased 10 fold in 12 months.  

There has been an excellent response to the two key events – StepUP! for Down syndrome and T4321 – with $203,600 raised in 2013 from both events around Australia.

Indicative of Down Syndrome Australia’s strong communication strategy was in August 2014 their ability to respond quickly, and take an active voice (particularly through social media) in the heavy media activity surrounding the baby Gammy situation. 


Phone:    (03) 9585 2299



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 Download the Down Syndrome Australia case study (PDF) here.